Our 2020 Vision for Change

We aim to speak out for those who share our centre-ground, mainstream values — as a party that will not shift to the ideological fringes of the right or left. Our 2020 Vision for Change is a policy statement for the 2019 general election outlining our view of a country grounded in fairness, responsibility, truthfulness, opportunity, parliamentary democracy and long-termism.

2020 Vision for Change

In an era where the norms we have lived by can no longer be taken for granted, ours are values which need to be more proudly asserted and defended when the old political parties no longer will do so. That is why we feel it is our duty not only to seek re-election in the constituencies we have represented but to put forward a vision for our country so the public in these communities at least do not feel they only have a choice of one extreme or the other. Read our 2020 Vision for Change here.