Luciana Berger

Spokesperson for Home Affairs, Health, and Digital and Culture

Luciana grew up in Wembley, in a close Jewish family. Her Dad runs a family home furnishing business, and until recently her mother worked in a palliative care unit.

She studied at Birmingham and Birkbeck Universities, and served for two years as an elected member of the National Union of Students executive. She previously worked at Accenture, one of the world’s biggest management consultancies, advising a number of organisations and businesses, including the Treasury and other parts of government, on how to be more effective and efficient. She then worked for the NHS Confederation, which supports and represents all of the different sectors of the NHS.

Most recently, before entering Parliament, Luciana was Director of the Labour Friends of Israel where she worked with the Labour government to support a constructive relationship between the UK and Israel and promote the two-state solution to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

As a community volunteer Luciana has been a school governor, the Chair of a tenants’ and residents’ association, and a community safety representative.

In Parliament

Luciana was first elected to Parliament in 2010. She was appointed Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, and then Shadow Minister for Public Health. In September 2015 she was appointed the first-ever Shadow Minister for Mental Health to serve at Shadow Cabinet level.

At the General Election in 2015, Luciana was re-elected, securing almost 70% of the total number of votes. At the General Election in June 2017, with turnout up again, she secured 34,700 votes – almost 80% of the electorate.

Luciana continues to be an ambassador in parliament for better mental health provision and has won a number of awards for her campaigning work.

Luciana led the campaign to ban smoking in cars with children in the back and led the cross party effort to ensure the Breathing Space debt relief scheme is automatically extended to people experiencing mental health crisis.

Luciana is married to Alistair – a music manager. They have one daughter, Amélie, and are expecting another child shortly.

“I look forward to a future serving with colleagues who respect each other and who are committed to working together for our great country”

Luciana’s statement 18 February 2019

This morning we have all now resigned from the Labour Party. This has been a very difficult, painful but necessary decision.

We represent different parts of the country. We are of different backgrounds. We were born of different generations.

But we all share the same values.

From today we will all sit in Parliament as a new independent group of MPs.

For my part, I have become embarrassed and ashamed to remain in the Labour Party. I have not changed. The core values of –

  • equality for all
  • opportunity for all
  • anti-racism against all
  • social justice

– the values which I hold really dear and which led me to join the Labour Party as a student almost 20 years ago remain who I am.

And yet these values have been consistently and constantly violated, undermined and attacked, as the Labour Party today refuses to put my constituents and our country before party interest.

I cannot remain in a party that I have today come to the sickening conclusion is institutionally antisemitic.

It was nearly a year ago that we saw the unprecedented event of a minority community, the Jewish community, taking to Parliament Square, to demonstrate against the Labour Party to say: enough is enough.

And yet since then, despite a mountain of evidence, we have only seen this situation of racism against Jewish people get worse.

The Leadership has wilfully and repeatedly failed to address hatred against Jewish people within its ranks.

And it’s for these reasons, and many more, that I have made this decision today. I am leaving behind a culture of bullying, bigotry and intimidation. I look forward to a future, serving with colleagues who respect each other and who are committed to working together for our great country.