Leader’s Update: 16/08/2019

Events in the last few days, have shown why our country needs the Independent Group for Change more than ever. I helped create this party because I believe we need a new, more honest way of doing politics and the existing political parties are incapable of fixing our broken politics and bringing about the change our country needs.


As you know our country is set to crash out of the EU at the end of October without a deal and Boris Johnson continues to ratchet up the irresponsible rhetoric of his do or die Brexit.


Our priority is to stop a no deal Brexit and get this matter back to the British people for their final say. The question is how best to achieve that. I and others have and will continue to work across the party political divide to introduce legislation in Parliament to stop no deal. That is the way to defeat no deal.


A year ago I called for a Government of National Unity to get us out of the Brexit crisis with a common purpose of holding a People’s Vote. My colleagues and I would support such a Government on the basis it will stop no deal and return Brexit to the British people with remain on the ballot paper.


However, we will not support nor facilitate any Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.


He cannot command unity of support amongst his own MPs but now Jeremy Corbyn calls on the rest of us to back him as “unity” Prime Minister. And we wont even get a People’s Vote but instead a General Election which as we know will solve nothing.


As my friend and colleague Chris Leslie said this week, Brexit and a Corbyn Government have much in common. Both will put jobs at risk, devalue our currency, drive away business and investment in the UK, divide our society and undermine our national security. Both are equally bad for Britain and TIG for Change will not facilitate either.


It is at best regrettable that some in other political parties take a different view and are keen to explore installing Corbyn as Prime Minister.

As you know a number of Labour MPs, Councillors and party members have shown considerable courage in leaving the Labour Party and abandoning their political careers. To suggest, as a significant number of MPs from the other political parties have, that they should back Corbyn in a vote of no confidence and hand him the keys of No 10 is verging on the outrageous.


I suggest that, unlike any other political party, we are clear and honest in our aims and determination to:


(1) Win cross party support for legislation to stop a no deal Brexit

(2) Secure a People’s Vote and campaign for Remain

(3) Stop a Corbyn Government

If you agree with us and share our values then join us today.

Thank you for your continued support for the Independent Group for Change. A special thank you to everyone who has joined us as a founder member. We have been overwhelmed by the response.

As a supporter you will receive occasional emails detailing our work. As a member you will receive a regular update with details of our work in Parliament and the campaigning activities of other members and invitations to local and national events. Members will also take part in our policy development – directly feeding in your ideas for our country’s future. So, sign up now and join us in changing British politics.


Thank you again for your support and please do keep in touch.


As ever,