Chris Leslie MP: Corbyn confirms that if you vote Labour you’ll get Brexit

The Labour Party has this morning confirmed that it will only campaign for remain in a People’s Vote on a Conservative Brexit deal – and not a Labour one.

Commenting, Rt Hon Chris Leslie MP, Independent Group for Change MP, said:

“Corbyn has confirmed that if you vote Labour, you’ll get Brexit. His commitment to campaign against Brexit only if the Conservatives are in government simply isn’t good enough.

“Brexit – whether a Labour Brexit or a Conservative Brexit – will cost people’s jobs, put businesses in jeopardy, and diminish Britain in the eyes of our neighbours. Corbyn’s refusal to be honest about that fact is a deep betrayal of the people Labour used to represent.

“The Independent Group for Change will always be honest about the dangers of Brexit – whether red or blue – and we will do everything we can to take the matter back to the British people for their final say.”