These elections offer you the chance to send a simple message: we want a People’s Vote and we want to remain in the European Union.

Our politics is broken. Our main parties have drifted to the ideological fringes and are failing to provide the leadership our country needs.

We want to provide an alternative – one based on the values which we know matter to the British people: a strong economy, our country playing a leading role in the world, protecting our environment, investing in our public services and building a vibrant, healthy democracy where we campaign for our beliefs with decency and respect.

At these European elections, that alternative will be on the ballot paper. Where our broken main parties offer you division, we are united. Where they focus on internal arguments, our vision for Britain’s future is clear. Where they put their own narrow political interest first, we will always put the country first.

The Brexit process has divided our country for too long. It has stifled the debate and prevented us from focusing on the real challenges we need to solve. We can’t wait any longer. Send our broken main parties a message:

It’s time for change. Vote for Change UK.