Anna’s Update

Here’s my latest update – beginning with an excellent meeting to discuss the way forward.

We talked about our approach to policy, which will be based on evidence and reflecting our
approach to politics – it will be as honest as it is rigorous. There was widespread agreement
about the need to change our politics to a collaborative way of working. You can only make
difficult decisions by working with the people who will be most affected by those decisions.
This approach is critical in the battle against populism which is founded on setting one group
of people against another and stoked by fake facts and phoney promises.

I was struck by the real desire to strengthen communities especially by genuine devolution
of power to a local level. A feeling of powerlessness in the decisions that affect your
everyday life was a huge driver of Brexit and if we are to fix our broken politics, addressing
the causes of Brexit is critical.

There was also agreement that the old way of putting policy into silos doesn’t work. Ann
Coffey is driving this different approach recognising that our lives are a changing journey
from “cradle to grave”.

Saturday’s event was organised by our former EU candidates and I want to say a huge
thank you to them – in particular Andrea Cooper who was our lead candidate in the North
West. As a political party we will no doubt hold other events which will be open to ALL
members. Saturday’s conference was an excellent start and my thanks again to the
organisers and to the first-class contributions from everyone who came along.

Building a genuine grass roots party is critical to changing politics and that’s what we
are achieving.

                                                 Our membership survey  

Our membership survey is now closed. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone
that took part. The results provide us with really important data on what you, our
supporters, want from membership and the policy areas that matter most to you. We
really appreciate the time you’ve taken to shape our new party.

We will be launching our membership very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox over
the coming few weeks.

                             Mike Gapes: We need to end the conflict in Syria

In parliament, Mike Gapes raised the vital need for a political solution to end the conflict in
Syria. He urged the Prime Minister to use forums like the G20 Summit to push Erdoğan,
Putin, Mohammed bin Salman and the UN Secretary General to reach a political solution.
Take a look at his speech, below.


                                                 Our action on housing standards

We’ve written to the Secretary of State for Housing, James Brokenshire MP, calling on him
to urgently investigate and act on claims in The Times that developers are exploiting a legal
provision to convert offices into substandard housing. Take a look at our letter below.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to keep us going – we don’t have the big money
of the established political parties. If you can help fund our work, then please do donate.


Thank you for your support.

As ever,