Politics is broken.
But you can help us change it for the better.

A general election will be held on 12 December.

We believe this General Election cannot simply be a choice between candidates from one extreme or the other. So we will be fighting to make your voice heard. We aim to speak out for those who share our centre-ground, mainstream values — as a party that will not shift to the ideological fringes of the right or left.

We are proud to be fielding three parliamentary candidates:

The Independent Group for Change supports a People’s Vote on Brexit and we are fighting for a country grounded in fairness, responsibility, truthfulness, opportunity, parliamentary democracy and long-termism.

Brexit has thrown the country sideways. Now must be a time for the moderate majority in Britain to speak out and say ‘enough is enough’. For a People’s Vote, for Change, sign up as a member and support our campaign today.

The old political parties no longer offer a home for those from the centre ground mainstream. That’s why we must change politics.

Join us if you are committed to resolving Brexit with a People's Vote.

Join us if you support evidence-based policy driven by our shared values as progressives, not outdated ideologies.

Join us if you are seeking a different way of doing politics; driven by honesty, speaking truth to power and telling it like it is.

The Independent Group for Change: We remain as determined as ever to fix Britain’s broken politics.

The Independent Group for Change has announced several commitments and calls aimed at breaking the deadlock in Westminster and providing an alternative to the old, established parties:

  • Insisted that Parliament should have the opportunity to hold a vote on the revocation of Article 50 in the event Britain is still facing a disastrous no-deal Brexit;
  • Announced that The Independent Group for Change will undertake a national programme of public and expert consultation to build a radical centre ground set of policies;
  • Called for a cross-party summit of the UK’s smaller political parties to discuss the democratic crisis facing the country, and the need to break the cartel of the bigger established parties.

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